Battleheart Legacy Monk Review

Battleheart Legacy by Mika Mobile is a touch-based, open world RPG for the iOS. In this epic title, you can explore an immersive fantasy world and accomplish countless quests for the game's quirky characters. You can also customize your hero with your choice of skills and items. Because you can equip skills from different classes, there's really no need to restrict yourself to a single class. However, this still boils down to your playing style. If you're looking for a formidable tank, the Monk may just be perfect for you.

What is a Monk?

Unlike other classes that rely heavily on the effectiveness of their weapons, a Monk's body is all he needs to survive. He is a master of unarmed combat, with skills that shine in both speed and power. A Monk is versatile. He can be a tank due to his ability to survive against powerful bosses and he can also be used for crowd control due to skills such as Wind Walk and Ki Blast.

That being said, players who wish to master this class must focus on building both Strength (STR) as well as Dexterity (DEX) to be effective. So how do you unlock the class and once you do, in which situations can you rely on this fearsome powerhouse?

Unlocking Your Way

To unlock the monk, you will want to talk to Willow. You can find her inside the capital city tavern. Before you go in, make sure you have gloves equipped --remove everything else. You can do this by purchasing one from the smith shop and then tapping your character's icon located on the left corner of the screen. Entering the pub for the first time will trigger a cut scene that involves a woman and a drunken NPC. After that, you may talk to the woman to get challenged to a fight. Keep your potions handy in case she proves to be hard to beat. Once you reduce her health in half and she will agree to teach you the ways of the Monk. Note that Willow will leave the tavern once you re-enter the City Center. She can be found in the academy after that.

Damage is the Key

At its core, the Monk has low HP and defense. That's not really surprising, considering the benefits to be gained once a character in the class is fully built. To compensate for its weak points, you may opt to combine Monk skills with those from the Paladin class. For instance, you may choose to equip Karma Kick in order to deal massive amounts of damage on low HP and then combine it with Aura of Light to help heal your Monk for 25% of the damage he deals. The skill only lasts for 10 seconds but it is enough time to turn the tide of battle in most cases. Karma Kick will even allow you to attack ranged baddies instantly so it's doubly as effective. Now if you're really worried about your Monk's survivability, equipping a couple of items also helps in this regard. The Phasing Lodestone adds 10% to Dodge. Using those along with skills like Evasion will make your character near invincible. You don't need to worry much about HP if your enemies can't hit you, right?

In terms of dealing damage, the Monk is top tier. Not only is he speedy, he also has vital crowd control abilities to boast of. 1000 Psalms deals 7x the normal damage divided equally among all current targets. Ki Blast unleashes a shockwave not only to deal a staggering amount of damage but also to knock down all nearby foes. To aggro mobs, Wind Walk is all you need. It allows the Monk to teleport to all nearby foes to strike for double the damage and slow their speed. If you are going to use the Monk purely for damage dealing, then you may find yourself in hot water. A dedicated heal skill may be all it takes to balance things out. To keep your enemies on their toes, you can choose to equip Azamoth's Cursed Eyeballs for a 30% chance of instant cool down as well.

Where it All Adds Up

Overall, the Monk just like in other games like Diablo 3 is exceptional in terms of utility. With proper planning, using him as a tank will keep you in control of even the toughest of battles. Actually, with a well-skilled Monk by your side, even the final boss will be a cinch to beat. That is of course, if you are patient and are willing to put in the time to build the class. As it is with most classes in Battleheart Legacy, a pure build will be tricky to handle. You can pair Monk skills with those from a Paladin or a Cleric to help him survive long enough to whittle down enemy HP. If you're either into high risk high reward scenarios and are adept at planning your character build, the Monk is definitely one of the most satisfying classes to play.