Battleheart Legacy Paladin Review

Battleheart Legacy is an engaging, open world RPG for the iOS. Made by the two-person dev team Mika Mobile, Legacy is a re-imagining of the original Battleheart. It features an improved real-time combat system that allows players to move and perform devastating special moves using simple taps. There are also a staggering amount of skills and classes selected from those found in its predecessor.

Understanding Class Choices

Unlike the previous title, Legacy has you focusing on a single character instead of a whole party. That's not a bad thing as your hero can learn and combine abilities from different classes. Customize and strategize by choosing your favorites from over 150 unique abilities spread across 12 character types. With that said, classes are not created equal. Each one has strengths and weaknesses to consider so you could use it to properly complement your play style. A good character leans towards one character class but makes use of skills from other classes to compensate for any weakness.

Will you choose to be a fearsome Wizard? Perhaps you would like to be an untouchable Rogue? If you're into buffs and auto attacks, perhaps a formidable Paladin is more your style.

Pallys are Tough Nuts

The Paladin class is one of the first that you will encounter. The class trainer is unlocked off the bat and is located at Downtown Eston. You will want to head to the Academy, which is the first building on the left with the book symbol in front. The trainer is the one wearing a Crimson Regalia. After your initial encounter, you can head to the City Center for any additional training.

Paladins are stalwart warriors that can smite wicked foes. They are proficient in using blunt melee weapons and rely on Strength (STR), Charisma (CHA) and Endurance (END) for its skills in the class tree. For its offensive abilities, the class specializes in using the hammer. A shield is used to add additional armor, lending more power to skills such as Might (increases melee power using 20% of armor value). On a side note, combining Might with Chivalry from the Knight Class (gives a 25% armor increase) certainly makes for a formidable combination.

Healing or Damage?

The Paladin skill set mostly focuses on buffs and healing. This means that regardless of your main class, chances are you will find a few Paladin abilities that are useful, even crucial to your character's build. For instance, when playing offensive classes, Aura of Light is near indispensible as it allows you to continuously heal 25% of the damage you deal for 10 seconds. It is essential for survival, especially for classes with low defense such as the Monk. Holy Word is a straightforward heal spell that is useful for any character. And if you're having trouble with long-range foes, the Paladin's Mirror Shield can reflect projectiles for 8 seconds.

Because it relies heavily on passive skills, players who are new to the series may find it a bit tricky to use the Paladin as is. When building a Paladin, it is more important to focus on buffing auto-attacks rather than going for special attacks. You can go for a little crowd control in some cases but focusing too much on those will clash with the default play style of the Paladin. Wrath (lasts 10 seconds, infuses weapon with divine wrath that causes auto-attack to deal more damage and chains holy lightning to nearby foes) is the heart of the Paladin build. Combine this with Aura of Light, Power Infusion (increase all damage dealt by 50% for 10 seconds) and Radiance (damages and knocks enemies to the ground) for a true offensive Paladin. You can also get a chain going with Word of Retribution (every time you heal, damage is increased for 20% for 10 seconds) with Holy Word.

Similar Styles

On the downside, there are Paladin skills which are rendered ineffective by similar skills found in other classes. The Battlemage's Backlash, for one, outclasses the Paladin's Cleanse. Both skills remove negative status effects but the former has a 1 second cool down and causes a damage dealing explosion. The latter has an 8 second cool down and no other use.

The Bottom Line

Overall, a Paladin isn't for everyone in Battle Heart Legacy. Those who are mostly after flashy attacks and straightforward, offensive builds are better off setting their sights on another class. The class is most effective used by players who are willing to read up on the skills and figure out an auto-attack and buff combination that works with their play style. On the other hand, if you are using a different main class and are after reliable, passive healing skills, then by all means, check the Paladin's skill tree. Its support capabilities are considerable --Aura of Light in particular, will allow your character to survive without stopping in the middle of an onslaught of attacks.