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The Kings League: The Priest

The priest doesn't set the power of Christ on the enemy however: his job is to heal your other troops during battle and allow you to last longer. Of course priests don't necessarily heal people like this in real life, it's nice to see some holy orders in such a wonderfully designed flash game.

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Monsters Den: Book of Dread: The Cleric

The Monsters Den The Cleric is a holy warrior that can call upon divine powers to help out your team. The cleric is able to provide some significantly useful healing powers as well as possessing some useful attacks. Heavily armoured, the cleric can be an attacking force in your team but the drawback is that the cleric cannot use a very wide range of weapons and thus relies on his supernatural powers during battle.

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Paladin The Game

If you've happened upon Paladin: The Game by chance & are intrigued about its origins, then you'd be right in thinking that it isn't a standalone game in of itself. Paladin was an animated series in the past, and this flash game is based fairly heavily on the happenings of this animated series.

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Reincarnation: The Clergy of the Unholy

The exact premise of this game can be described as twisted because the entirety of the gameplay involves you trying to reclaim the soul of a priest back to hell, with you playing the impish and devil demon that is trying to keep up your soul quote.

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